Masterclass 2020

Omdat dit de 10e editie van het Hielander Whisky Festival is gaan we voor het aankomend festival één bijzondere masterclass per sessie organiseren in plaats van de 3 verschillende masterclasses. Per sessie kunnen er in dit jubileum jaar dan ook maximaal 120 bezoekers deelnemen aan een masterclass waarin 6 verschillende Brand Ambassadors het tegen elkaar gaan opnemen, een 'Battle of the Giants'.

De deelnemende Brand Ambassadors zijn (in alfabetische volgorde):

  • Bresser & Timmer, Jock Shaw
  • De Monnik, Ronald Anneveld
  • Maxxium, Tony van Rooijen
  • Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Bob Wenting
  • Van Wees, Ian McWilliam
  • Whisky Import Nederland, Peter Mackay

De masterclass duurt 1.5 uur en zal 15 minuten voor aanvang van de sessie starten. De kosten zijn 25 euro p.p. Kaarten kunt u bestellen door een e-mail sturen naar

Battle of the Giants

Jock Shaw

Jock is geboren in Paisley, een weversstad vlakbij Glasgow. Hij woont al meer dan veertig jaar in Nederland. Zijn ouders werkten voor the Scottish and Newcastle Brewing Company, die eigenaars waren van vele whisky distilleerderijen in Schotland. Zijn tante werkte voor the Chivas Whisky Bond. Er werd in zijn kindertijd dus veel over whisky gepraat (en geproefd)! Als volwassene volgde hij cursussen, nam deel aan proeverijen, bezocht veel distilleerderijen in Schotland en won prijzen met blind proeven van whisky. In 1999 werd hij landelijk kampioen in Amsterdam. Daarnaast houdt hij enorm van muziek en speelt hij enkele instrumenten. Hij begon met het geven van nosing and tasting sessions voor geïnteresseerden en zijn bedrijf 'Scotch and Folk' zag in 2009 het levenslicht. In april 2014 werd hij 'Keeper of the Quaich'.

Ronald Anneveldt

When I was 16 during my studies I had a job in an off-license , I knew nothing about alcohol only that drinking beer and appelkorn ruined your Sundays and that was it! I therefore made sure I got all the necessary qualifications beginning with my off-license papers, then Sommelier, advanced Wine specialist and Liqourist. Soon after I travelled to Scotland and when I stepped out of the plane in Aberdeen and took my first breath of Scottish air , I knew immediately that I was home! Since then Scotland is in my blood certainly after doing an internship at Lagavullin Distillery on Islay, What a beautiful country- my first love! To this date I try to transfer my passion & love for for this country and its Whisky during my many tastings in all corners of the Netherlands. I was inaugurated as 'Keeper of the Quaich' in 2013.

Tony van Rooijen

It was about 1991 that on advice from my friend Charlie that I tasted my first whisky , Scotch he called it, I was immediately sold, since then I’ve bought & tasted many bottles attended many tastings and regularly visited Scotland. Since 2008 I’ve been the Brand Ambassador for Glenfiddich, I represent William Grant & sons at tastings and festivals. Using the most beautiful images I tell the story of the distilling process, the distillery history & the flavours of Glenfiddich. The Virtual Distillery of Glenfiddich is my favourite, a fantastic presentation wherein you virtually step into the distillery In April 2019 I was inaugurated as a Keeper of the Quaich.

Ian McWilliam

Mr. McWilliam joined Glenfarclas in January 1991 as Assistant Head Warehouseman. Since then he has worked in all areas of the Glenfarclas production spending around 10 years between the Warehouse, Mashing and Distillation. In January 2001 he was promoted to Assistant Production Manager working alongside the distillery Production Manager overseeing all areas of the Glenfarclas production and maturation process. In May 2004 he moved to the Glenfarclas Sales & Marketing team and with a comprehensive knowledge and experience gained during his time in making Glenfarclas Single Highland Malt Whisky he hopes to carry along with him into his presentations.

He is now looking after more than 30 countries which keeps him pretty busy. Most of his time is spent working in the sales office at Glenfarclas Distillery although he does travel extensively throughout the year visiting my distributors and customers, attending Whisky Festivals and hosting Whisky Dinners, Tasting events, Staff Training and business meetings.

Bob Wenting

Bob is very passionate about whisky, and has been since his days as a student. Back then his father gave him two bottles of whisky, and he discovered he really liked this glorious drink. But he truly fell in love with it during a visit to Scotland shortly after. From 2003 he and Teun van Wel went on being whisky tour guides for the International Whisky Festival, organised many tastings and a couple of whisky trips. Eventually they ended up organising Maltstock for the first time in 2009 and the event is still going strong and relaxed. Bob did many training courses and 2016 he started his company Comedus. From 2018 he began giving whisky training courses himself for The Whisky Ambassador. From 2019 he is a Brand Ambassador for The Scotch Malt Whisky Society.

Peter Mackay

Peter has worked in the scotch whisky industry since the age of 20, following in the footsteps of his father Kenny. Qualified with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling and a liveryman of the Worshipful Company of distillers, Peter has enjoyed 10 wonderful years in the scotch whisky industry. A regular visitor to The Netherlands, Peter sees Alkmaar as a second home and the Hielander Whisky Festival is therefore a staple of a busy schedule.